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How to Fulfill God's Vision - Series

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You're on assignment from heaven! You have a purpose, a plan, a vision and an assignment from God to fulfill! There is nobody like you in the Body of Christ and you have been given a specific gift and the grace to operate in that gift. No one else but you can accomplish the mission and fulfill the vision! Let Dr. Siddiki show you how to fulfill God's vision for your life.

Dr. Siddiki says, "Before you can find your purpose you have to find your passion, because your passion is always connected to your purpose. When you have found your passion, you've also found your gifting, because your gifting will match your passion. Once you've found your passion then you've found your purpose, and your vision is built upon your purpose."

In this dynamic 6-CD series you will learn:

• God is waiting for you to fulfill the vision

• If you don't have a vision you don't have a destination

• Without work your vision will never manifest

• You will only flow in your gift in the measure of your faith

• Faith moves mountains; vision moves people

• If you have a vision it has to be in written down

• Vision without a plan is only a dream

Imagine hearing from the Lord one day, "Well done My faithful servant!" You can make that possible when you find your passion, your purpose, and learn how to fulfill God's vision for your life!

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