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How to Minister to the Sick Vol. 1- Series

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Dr. Nasir Siddiki says, "Healing is the dinner bell for the end-time harvest and the revival that is about to hit this land. If we don't start getting people healed, our churches will never be flooded with people. We need the demonstration of healing power back in our churches like never before."

In this timely teaching, Dr. Siddiki brings revelation rarely taught in the Body of Christ. Most teachings about healing focus on the Christian getting their healing. Instead, Dr. Nasir will show you how to get others healed!

In this powerful teaching you will learn:

• How to become a healing superhero for God

• You need to fix your faith before you can get others healed

• The laws of healing power

• The difference between receiving by faith and ministering by faith

• You have to be Spirit led because other people's wills are involved

• Your faith releases the anointing, their faith receives it

Get ready to go set the captives free! The Bible says that believers will lay hands on the sick and they will recover (Mark 16:18). Let God use you to bring His power to your world!

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