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Opening the Portals of the Kingdom - Series

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Do you know how to open the portals of the Kingdom? Do you know what the portals of the Kingdom are? Let Dr. Siddiki bring revelation from heaven and help you discover that you are a portal of the Kingdom.

God uses the portals of His Kingdom to manifest His spirit realm in our natural realm. The spirit realm is already here; we're not waiting for it to arrive. It's time for us, who are spiritual beings, to start seeing with our spiritual eyes and develop our spiritual senses and be used by God as the portals of His Kingdom.

In this dynamic series you will learn:

•Growing in the Word means manifesting more of the Kingdom

•You are the move of God; He visits a place when you visit a place

•You are the demonstration - go demonstrate the Kingdom!

•It is our job to keep the portal open

•As a portal you release the Kingdom

Dr. Siddiki says, "We are portals for God to manifest His power and His Kingdom in the earth. It's time for us to start ruling and reigning to expand the Kingdom all over the earth. It is our job to hear what God tells us to say and do." Let Dr. Siddiki teach you how to become a portal for God's Kingdom!

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