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Brother Hagin prophesied that "the greatest ministry of all is the ministry of prayer... and even all the other ministries will fail unless the intercessors will take their place and will stand against the forces of darkness and the forces of evil and will intercede and will help to bring forth, to bring to birth, the move of the Spirit, the revival, the manifestation of God's power...."

Dr. Siddiki says, "Your first and foremost ministry is the ministry of prayer. Whatever you think God has called you to do is secondary to prayer, because until you pray it out, it isn't going to happen. Don't be a casualty in life or ministry... Learn how to birth it effectively... If you never pray it out, you will never walk it out."

In this dynamic series you will learn:

 •How to birth in prayer your ministry, business or church
 •Every failure is preceded by a prayer failure
 •How to prepare while you are birthing God's plan
 •What to do while you are waiting for the manifestation

Dynamic Prayer - Learning to Birth God's Perfect Plan

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