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Do you know God's perfect will for your life? Finding and walking in God's perfect will is the key to all success. 

In this inspiring series by Dr. Nasir Siddiki, you will find out how to find the perfect will of God for your life. Dr. Siddiki says, "Let's move out of God's permissive will and into God's perfect will. There's a difference between the good, the acceptable and the perfect will of God. In God's perfect will your personal problems will be swallowed up in fulfilling your call. Suddenly, things will work out when you're busy doing what God told you to do and saying what God told you to say."

In this life-changing teaching you will learn:

• If you leave the place of your preparation you'll never fulfill your destiny
• The more Word you know the easier it is to hear and obey
• Obeying the Holy Spirit is how we let our light shine
• God's timing is much better than your timing
• Whenever you disobey you affect the plan of God

The Key to All Success

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