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We live in a word created and word controlled universe. God established it that way from the beginning. When we speak God's Word about our future we are using His voice activated system and we become the prophet of our own future.

Dr. Siddiki says, "A vending machine works on a coin inserted system. You can kick and hit it, scream and ball at it, and nothing will come into your life. But if you operate the system properly you activate the machine. God's system is a voice activated system. If you need something in your life, activate it with your words."

In this compelling 6-CD series you will learn:
• Your words have been controlling your world
• No one can change your future but you
• Don't be a hearer only but speak what you hear the Father speak
• You literally arrange things when you speak
• No one has authority to create in your life but you
• Change your words and you can change your world

God's voice activated system works entirely on what comes out of your mouth.

Voice Activated System - Vol. 1

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